Welcome to Cariad Therapies!

I’m Romella, an award winning holistic and energy practitioner in Shropshire and through skype.

Cariad Therapies is here to bring balance, calm, focus and energy to you and your life. Through teaching tools, techniques and hands on therapies. We can look wholistically at the whole you to create a package that meets your needs.

Award winning Cariad Therapies

Award winning Cariad Therapies

I am qualified and insured for a wide range of amazing holistic & energy therapies. All are complementary allowing you to pick & mix elements to create your ideal treatment. I also offer a wide range of therapies, workshops and training! You don’t have to choose which therapy you need, a bespoke package will be created for you and your needs.

I have a separate business which focuses on creating family calm – for parents & children – www.createfamilycalm.co.uk


My aim is to help you be the person you want to be. Whether in day-to-day life, as a parent, at work and as a Goddess-in-training.

The tools and workshops I run aim to give you the tools you can use daily to bring balance and calm into your life, which will then enhance your energy and focus. Teaching self-help daily tools for you to use as you need them (whether The Balance Procedure or an energy technique) – so the answer in in your hands (but I’m here to support)


FROM THE BIZMUMS AWARD JUDGE – “The winner’s business exemplifies the characteristics of this category. She is qualified in a number of therapy disciplines giving her the flexibility to treat her clients appropriately. One element that stood out is this finalist actively treats adults and children and many of her therapies have a proven positive effect on the whole family. Her complementary therapies are all about supporting and improving the lives of parents and children.”

You can find me:

so please give me  a call or email to find out about how we can get you balanced, calm, energized and focused 🙂


Chief Calm Creator @ Cariad Therapies

Teaching you tools & techniques to bring calm, balance, energy & focus to your daily life